Top 10 Interior Design Trends at AIFF 2020

Top 10 Interior Design Trends at AIFF 2020

With the Australian International Furniture Fair 2020 fast approaching, keen interior design enthusiasts are gearing up to discover the latest furniture and design trends. While this year will be a little different due to the impacts of COVID-19, the furniture fair is still expected to return this year for its 17th edition. The Australian International Furniture Fair will showcase its wonders through its virtual furniture trade marketplace, named AIFF 360. The virtual showcase will run from Monday 8 September to Friday 2 October. Here, both independent retailers and larger retail chains will have the opportunity to place orders for their next season’s collections. Individuals that wish to attend the online exhibition showcase are encouraged to register on the AIFF website.

SEO marketing has allowed users to find the event through organic search. As many events have been cancelled as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, there is more buzz and anticipation than ever before that the fair is still running. Several trends are expected to feature in this year’s showcase. No doubt, the influence that lockdowns and social distancing have had on the population and people’s attitudes will be reflected through furniture pieces and styles. With a focus on comfort and relaxing home décor and furnishings, this year’s showcase is expected to mirror these newfound attitudes and values. Not only will the marketplace stage a range of beautiful and unique pieces, but there will also be many tips and tricks revealed during the exhibition display services running. There will also be an opportunity to network with other designers and retailers, and attendees will have the chance to appreciate products that are both breathtaking and inspiring.

So, without further ado, here are the top 10 trends expected at the Australian International Furniture Fair in 2020.

Exclusively Australian Made Furniture

With the current recession in Australia, individuals have become more inclined towards wanting to purchase products that are Australian made. This encompasses products that are designed and manufactured in Australia, with materials sourced here also. The goal behind this is to support Australian jobs and boost the economy. These values will be reflected during the Australian International Furniture Fair this year in their ‘Homemade’ collection. The section consists of Australian made cabinets, joinery and furniture.

Practically Driven Pieces with an Emphasis on Functionality

With people being forced to stay at home this year in order to socially distance from others, more than ever there has been a shift toward functionality in design. With many also being forced to work from home, houses have had to adapt to become an area for both relaxation and productivity. The fair is expected to replicate this notion, with practical furniture to be showcased throughout the displays.

Natural Materials and Tones

Natural materials and tones are very calming and create a sense of serenity. After enduring a year that has been extremely stressful and uncertain, a sense of calm is what many need in their life at the moment. The pieces at the online fair are expected to inspire tranquillity and peacefulness. Beach style furniture is one trend that is expected to be popular.

Organic Materials


With the current rise of environmental awareness and values placed on creating sustainable products, many designers are choosing to construct their creations using organic materials rather than synthetic, and often not environmentally friendly, materials. This could include elements such as organic cotton, natural woods and organic silk.

Pieces That Help to Bring the Outside Inside

The trend of bringing the outside inside has been around for a while now. This indoor-outdoor living vibe can be achieved through appropriate furniture selection and styling. This older trend is expected to resurface as a repercussion of people being forced to spend so much time indoors this year. Traditionally outdoor elements, such as pot plants, have been moved indoors to create this sense of bringing nature in.

Playful and Uplifting Designs

Playful and uplifting designs are inspiring and help to brighten up the day. With current stressors and nobody comprehending what the future will hold in this current climate, everyone needs a little pick me up. Bright pops of colour and interesting prints and patterns will likely be a trend during the online marketplace event.

Minimalistic Furniture

Minimalism is on the rise when it comes to interior design and lifestyle choices. Minimalism refers to a design style that focuses on simple and practical elements when it comes to aesthetics and furniture selection. As clutter can cause unnecessary stress, many designers have recognised this and adapted their products accordingly.

Calming and Earthy Designs That Inspire Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a term that has been widely used of late. It refers to a state of awareness or consciousness. Calming and earthy designs can encourage this idea in a space. Coastal interior design, for example, is a style that can awaken the senses and increase relaxation. Interior styling services can help to achieve this look.

Larger Pieces 

This trend is in line with the same fundamental belief that furniture should be comfortable and functional. Small and uncomfortable couches are the way of the past. Currently, larger lounges with enough room to comfortably seat a whole family are in fashion. Larger pieces are also great to make a statement in a room. By carefully selecting a large standout item, this piece will stand the test of time and be a feature for years to come.

Family Friendly Furniture

Finally, with families being forced to stay inside more than ever, there is no place for furniture that is not family-friendly. Furniture designers understand this, with many being parents themselves. Therefore, expect to see furniture that is family-oriented at this year’s marketplace.

It is clear that the events of this year will play a large role in influencing creative choices. With digital marketing services available and web developers working around the clock, the event can continue thankfully. The top 10 trends predicted for the Australian International Furniture Fair in 2020 are expected to reflect the change in values and attitudes of the general population that resulted from the events of COVID-19. It will be interesting to see what new designs will inspire retailers. New faces and fresh designs are promised. The Australian International Furniture Fair is certainly not an event to miss!

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