Jobs to Consider in 2021

Jobs to Consider in 2021

As the economy and employment opportunities start to recover following the devastating effects of COVID-19 on the world last year, job seekers are keen to get back into the workforce once more. Offices and buildings in the cities are beginning to open up again, and industries including hospitality, the beauty industry, tourism, health care and retail are starting to see life return to normal in Australia. Other fields of work have entirely changed their business models to accommodate the unusual circumstances, which has created new and innovative roles for employment hopefuls. 


Following the events COVID-19, many people have a renewed appreciation for teachers. They kept our schools running, even if it was online, and kept our children safe throughout the peak of the pandemic. Teachers have always been in high demand, particularly in subjects such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. If you are highly skilled in any of these fields, completing a teaching degree could open up new employment opportunities within the education sector. Providing children and young adults with the life skills that they need to be successful later on in life is a particularly rewarding and satisfying task.


A career in optometry is a fantastic and rewarding means of employment. This field provides excellent opportunities for job growth and there are various specialities that an optometrist can enter into, such as specialising in prescription coloured contacted lenses or becoming a specialist in cataract surgery. Working in optometry is known to allow for a great work-life balance and positive overall job satisfaction. With optometrists in high demand, the average salary is well over $100, 000 per year. Furthermore, with an ageing population, demand is only expected to grow. As an optometrist, the role involves prescribing contact lenses, performing eye tests and prescribing glasses. 


As parents begin to go back to work and start to go out on weekends again, nannying jobs are expected to increase in demand. After being stuck with the kids for most of last year, parents need a break! Working as a casual nanny could be a fantastic way to earn a little extra cash after the financial hit for many last year. If working in child care services is something that you would like to consider as your primary job, employment as a full time nanny may appeal to you. Working in child care can be an extremely rewarding role, as it can be gratifying to see the children you care for grow and develop new skills. 


new employmentWith schemes such as HomeBuilder rolling out, there is expected to be a growth in the number of construction jobs available. Finding a niche speciality is one way of ensuring employability. For example, specialising in air compressor installation or as a specialised builder could increase your yearly income significantly. These speciality services of the likes of air compressor repair services or extremely niche construction offerings have little to no competition from other competitors within the industry. Completing an additional course or training to become qualified in a speciality area may be something to consider if you are looking to progress in your work life.

Web developers

If a business didn’t have a website before last year already, they certainly do now. With customers not being able to visit stores and physical premises for a large part of last year, there was a mad rush for web developers to create either an entirely new website or a new online service offering for their clients. This demand is expected to last well into the future. Retail stores, for example, are moving away from having so many physical stores and are increasingly moving towards having online stores only. As the trend towards having everything online continues, demand for this service will only continue to flourish.

Allied Health Professionals

Allied Health refers to any profession that revolves around care, such as health service providers, dental professionals, medical professionals, nursing and aged care. There is no set definition when it comes to allied health and the term is relatively new. Any health care related job is always in high demand. The demand is not purely a result of COVID-19, as both private and public hospitals and facilities are always looking for more staff. Nursing in particular is one area of health care that constantly experienced issues of under-staffing. Furthermore, aged care is another area in which there is expected to be an increased in demand for workers. With an ageing Australian population, there will be a need for more aged care facilities and aged care staff in the coming decades. This extends to other medical professions, with a constant need for more experienced and specialised doctors, surgeons, optometrists and dentists.

Fruit Pickers and Rural Work Experience 

With international travel and movement on hold, there has been a dramatic decline in people entering Australia on working visas, and therefore a lack of people in the workforce in rural communities. These communities have encouraged high school graduates to come and do a gap year in regional areas in jobs such as fruit picking. This could be a fantastic way to experience something new, whilst also making some money before beginning university. If you feel that you need a break from the city and harsh COVID-19 restrictions, moving into the country and doing some manual labour could be the perfect move for you. 

So, whether you are looking to work in a new industry entirely, are looking to progress within the field you are already qualified in or are looking for some casual work to earn a little extra money; now is the time to branch out! Whilst employment certainly took a hit last year, things are starting to look up again as the government has gotten COVID-19 cases under control within Australia and the vaccine starts to roll out. Only time will help us all recover after the devastating impacts of the global pandemic. The only thing we can all do is work on bettering ourselves, developing new skills and looking out for one another as we all navigate our way back to normal life.